SherTek Integration Services Team (IST) offers project-based or time and material (T&M) programming services.

When you give us a defined specification or process description, we can quote on Project-Based programming. We will review the documentation and quote an all-inclusive package that fully describes the programming for both PLC (programmable logic controller) and/or HMI (Human Machine Interfaces) and VFD’s (variable frequency drives).

T&M programming services are for when you need modification, cleanup or troubleshooting of an existing PLC program. Sometimes this service is also used when you need SherTek to help develop the process.

SherTek specializes in Panasonic and Wago PLC’s. We also have experience with Fuji, Pro-face, Allen Bradley, Automation Direct and other HMI and PLC platforms.

We are proud to team up with fine service providers for engineering and fabrications. They will work with you and Shertek on project management, contract engineering, product development and machining.

Whether you require project services, T&M or help making sense of your PLC and Touch screen, give us a call at 770-271-4000.

Let us help! Turning problems into solutions and making the hard parts seem easy is what we do best.