Have an OSHA Abatement? Concerned about Machine Safety?

Caution signSherTek can help!

How It Works
A SherTek consultant will conduct a safety evaluation onsite to determine potential OSHA violations. They will also inspect your company’s documentation, including the health and safety programs, training logs, new hire training records, and injury and illness logs.

What You’ll Get

Upon completion, your company will receive a detailed report that shows the deficiencies that were uncovered. Te report wil include the detected hazard(s), the OSHA regulation that is not in compliance, and the proper solution to correct the violation. To get started, or to see an example of a report, please call us at 770-721-4000.

Are Your Operators Safe From Injury?

Any moving machine part can cause accidents, mild to the most severe-death. All of these accidents cost the company big money: in time spent with the machine down; OSHA paperwork and site visits; ambulance and hospital fees; lawsuits. Safeguards are necessary for preventing accidents. These can be as simple as a two-hand pushbutton operator, or light-sensitive sensors. Whatever your situation, SherTek can help with the design and parts needed for machine safety.

The products we represent are designed for Food Preparation Areas, Splashing Zones, Non-food areas and Aggressive Detergent areas. Our safety equipment is ready for any location and/or hazardous area.


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Safety Controllers, Interlocks and Controls

BannerBanner Engineering logo is the leading supplier of machine safety products, including safety light curtains, controllers, emergency stop and stop controls, interlock switches, laser scanners and safety modules.

Are you protecting your people, your industry, your productivity?

Fortress Interlock logoThe Fortress range of safety interlocks is specifically designed for applications such as heavily automated processes and machinery and spans manufacturing sectors from automotive assembly to food and beverage production.