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A major problem that often comes up in industrial automation, particularly when trying to upgrade existing systems, is simply finding a way to get a process signal from point A to point B. Running physical wires between devices can be costly and time consuming, especially when there is a need to run them through conduit or dig trenches. Facilities that have been in operation for a long time may have gone through many iterations of process control equipment, leaving behind a rat’s nest of old wires which make running of new wires nearly impossible. Certain applications can even prohibit the use of physical wires entirely, such as filling stations at shipping docks and truck terminals where the transmitter is located on the vessel or vehicle.

Precision Digital Industrial Wireless productsGoing wireless can be a good alternative in these scenarios, but upgrading older systems to communicate over ethernet can be equally expensive, not to mention incredibly complex. Buying entirely new transmitters that include wireless technology can be an alternative, but they too can be prohibitively expensive.

Precision Digital’s PDW series of industrial wireless solutions provide a straightforward way to transmit existing 4-20 mA,
0-10 V, discrete digital signals, and Modbus® serial communications wirelessly, without the need to first convert them into digital TCP/IP or UDP protocol signals. This allows them to be easily installed into all kinds of existing systems while avoiding installation headaches.

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Shertek continues to add great lines to represent and provide solutions for your control and automation needs. As SherTek is now in its 7th year of business, we continue to grow and serve our customer base with not only world class products but the knowledge to properly apply them. Let the team at SherTek help you solve your control problems and issues. We appreciate the support of our current customers and look forward to working with those that we have yet to have the pleasure of doing business with. Let our team at SherTek meet and exceed your expectations, we look forward to working with you in the near future.

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Finder Solid State Relays

The 77 Series – Solid State Relays range of modular and “hockey puck” Industrial Solid State Relays (SSR) are particularly suitable for resistive loads and for industrial applications where high switching frequencies and high inrush currents can be problematic.

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Turck logoTurck, a well-known specialist in high-quality sensors, fieldbus and connectivity, is now represented and stocked by SherTek. Turck also offers interface technology, human-machine interfaces and RFID solutions as well as machine safety equipment, industrial controls and system solutions.

Banner Engineering logo Banner is also a new line for SherTek, offering industry-leading photo eyes, sensors, vision sensors, wireless sensors, machine safety, e-stop devices, vision lighting, and a wide assortment of indicator lights, tower lights, stack lights, and pick to lights.

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